2024-07-14 What if undecidability shows up all at once? [Something Something Programming]

2024-06-13 Words in a base64-encoded string... Which decodes to the same words in ascii [SequentialRead]

2024-05-19 AI AITA [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2024-05-01 Delta wifi not working on Linux? Try stopping docker [Posts on Spencer Krum]

2024-04-26 Least Privilege Deploys with GKE [Posts on Spencer Krum]

2024-04-21 6502 Kit Build [KD9KJV]

2024-04-17 Roleplaying driven by an LLM: observations & open questions [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2024-03-04 www.thug.com [Something Something Programming]

2024-03-03 The Curated Web [faehnri.ch]

2024-02-07 Behind the Black Wall [faehnri.ch]

2024-02-05 Discrete Math the Hard Way [Dave Bucklin]

2024-02-02 Hillyan News Update 2024-02-02 [faehnri.ch]

2024-01-10 Pro-AI? [Something Something Programming]

2024-01-06 AI War: Fleet Command [faehnri.ch]

2024-01-05 Agath Christie - The ABC Murders [faehnri.ch]

2024-01-04 AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAA! for the Awesome [faehnri.ch]

2024-01-03 80 Days [faehnri.ch]

2024-01-02 7 Grand Steps [faehnri.ch]

2024-01-01 2064: Read Only Memories [faehnri.ch]

2023-12-31 Arise: A Simple Story [faehnri.ch]

2023-12-30 The Almost Gone [faehnri.ch]

2023-12-29 Boomerang Fu [faehnri.ch]

2023-12-28 Elli [faehnri.ch]

2023-12-27 Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair [faehnri.ch]

2023-12-26 Yooka-Laylee [faehnri.ch]

2023-12-26 Traumatarium demo [faehnri.ch]

2023-10-26 `eval` should not be a built-in function [Something Something Programming]

2023-09-24 Tetration [Something Something Programming]

2023-09-23 DIY Solar Power Station [Dave Bucklin]

2023-09-08 Linked List Code-Along [Dave Bucklin]

2023-04-04 World Building with GPT part 2: bigger, better, more declarative [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2023-02-27 World Building With GPT [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2023-01-17 Thoughts On Voice Interfaces 2 years later: LLMs [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2023-01-02 Infinite AI Array [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2022-07-29 Greenhouse Retrospective and Future [SequentialRead]

2022-01-30 What is a Process? (Operating Systems) [SequentialRead]

2020-11-18 Firefox Was Always Enough [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2020-09-15 Project ideas for (what’s left of) 2020 [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2020-09-08 A History Of Projects [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2020-08-03 Thoughts on Voice Interfaces [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2019-11-08 Creating an OBS source for serial devices [Posts on Spencer Krum]

2019-10-01 New Desktop [Posts on Spencer Krum]

2019-07-30 Kling’s Axes of Politics, and the Technocrats [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2019-04-23 “Users want control” is a shoulder shrug [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2019-03-18 Open Source Doesn’t Make Money Because It Isn’t Designed To Make Money [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2019-03-04 The Firefox Experiments I Would Have Liked To Try [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2019-01-28 The Over-engaged Knowledge Worker [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2019-01-23 We Need Open Hosting Platforms [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2018-11-20 Viewing Python execution with source code rewriting [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2018-11-15 Thoughts on the Firefox Email Tabs experiment [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2018-04-23 My Lunch With A White Supremacist [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2018-02-05 Improving the web with small, composable tools [Ian Bicking: a blog]

2018-01-23 OBS Scripting in Python [Posts on Spencer Krum]

2018-01-22 Hodor v4 [Posts on Spencer Krum]


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